30 May
Concert in Oriel Centre Dundalk Gaol, 20:30 (Adult: €15.00, Adult & Child: €25.00)

Dallahan is one of the most distinct forces in the international folk music scene. Forged in Scotland and Ireland's traditional music community, but drawing on the traditional music styles of the Balkans and North America, they create an original and seamless musical montage, blending their contemporary influences from jazz, funk, and pop music. Dallahan take their listeners on a journey, ... More »
3 Jun
A Musical Menu
Concert in Oriel Centre Dundalk Gaol, 17:00 (Adult: €12.00, child: €6.00)

“A Musical Menu” Have you ever imagined going to a concert where you can choose what music you’ll be listening to? Sonas Duo is happy to present “A Musical Menu”, a full menu with with starters, mains, desserts and a chef’s special! There will be a wide range of music to choose from...Baroque, Romantic, Jazz, Traditional and much more. You’ll ... More »