Shorelines (CD)

Nuala Kennedy

Tales of fortitude and resilience, endurance and grit fuel this exceptional concept album from the singer, flute and whistle player and composer Nuala Kennedy. Shorelines is a collection of tales of women who run the gamut from plain survival to utter triumph in the face of life's adversaries, with tales that cross the centuries and the oceans with the ease of a bird on the wing. To dedicate an album to songs and tunes inspired by and about women is a joy to behold, bolstered as it is by such inventive arrangements. Todd Sickafoose's spacious production lends further to the sense of wide open horizons that characterises this timeless collection.

[Irish Times - 30-06-2023]


1 Sally Sits Waiting / Blue Devils' Jig (5.55)
2 Father Father (4.59)
3 Saltwater / Flow / Cúcúín (8.48)
4 Ye Lover's All (4.24)
5 Wake (5.52)
6 Sea Reels (Downtown Troy / Haul Away Da Hauser / Distant Colours (4.39)
7 Marguerite (5.08)
8 Whirlpools / The Lighthouse Polka (3.28)
9 The Cavan Road (3.57)