One Day November Woods (CD)

Ryan Molloy & Fergal Scahill

One (different) day, on a fine summery afternoon in East Clare, Fergal and I recorded a video for Fergal’s ‘Tune A Day 2019’ and went our separate ways, having duly got stuck into poor Rosemary Lane and the Poll Ha’penny, amongst others. The following day, we read many lovely responses from people watching the video, enquiring when we were going to do an album, so I jokingly texted Fergal, “Here, I suppose we should do another album, whatwhat? A simple fiddle & piano ditty. One-day thing. What say you?”. The reply quickly came, “Yes.” . . .

Extract from inside CD Sleeve - Ryan Molloy Maynooth, 19.11.2019


1 Behind the Bush in Park Anna, The Jolly Tinker & O’Mahoney’s (06:05)
2 This Side of Ten Minutes & That Side of Ten Minutes (02:57)
3 Born For Sport & Begin Again (03:19)
4 Murphy’s Hornpipe & The Showman’s Fancy (02:57)
5 July 28th (05:33)
6 Sergeant Early’s Dream & The White Fairy (03:53)
7 The Caves of Kiltanon & The Walls of Liscarroll (04:26)
8 Louise's Reel & Good Run (03:20)
9 Peacock’s Feather 1, Peacock’s Feather 2 & The Bucks of Oranmore (08:25)
10 The Hare’s Paw, The Old Bush & Maud Millar (04:14)
11 Táimse ‘im Chodladh (05:15)