Devil's Bit Sessions (CD)

The Nesbitt Family

Three generations of the Nesbitt family from Tipperary came together at their home at the foot of the Devil's Bit Mountain to record these tracks over a weekend. The Sessions that resulted are presented here, along with extensive sleeve notes and memorable photographs, in a recording that captures the essence of the finest of Irish traditional music.


1 Bunch of Green Rushes (2.48)
2 Neary's/ Meelick Team (2.30)
3 Japanese Hornpipe/ The Contradiction (3.24)
4 Captain O'Kane (2.38)
5 Fisher's Rant/ Glen Road to Carrick (3.33)
6 Caoineadh Eoghan Rua (2.19)
7 The Nutcracker/ Red Whitehorn (4.21)
8 Old Lark on the Strand/ Charlie's Aunt (2.41)
9 The Cat that Ate the Candle/ Dandy Dinny Cronin (3.24)
10 The Wild Geese (3.14)
11 Garrykennedy Castle (1.55)
12 Muineal An Bhardail/ The Callan Lassies (2.29)
13 McCallums/ Jackson's Wallop the Spot (3.34)
14 Smash the Windows/ Prestons (2.29)
15 Far Away Waltz/ The Cock and the Hen (3.54)
16 Sonny's Favourite/ Over the Hill (3.19)
17 The Return of Spring/ The Mountain Pathway (2.53)
18 Beare Island/ McFaddens (2.36)
19 Down the Broom/ The Gatehouse Maid (4.10)