A Louth Lilt (CD)

Adéle Commins and Daithí Kearney

Featuring music composed by Adéle Commins and Daithí Kearney, A Louth Lilt is inspired by people and places in Louth and further afield. From the snows of Norway to the sunsets of Brazil, the legends of the Táin to the dreams we share, the music draws on Irish musical traditions with an ear to the wider world. Encompassing influences from our rich and varied musical experiences, these pieces reflect a lifetime of engaging with various musical cultures and personalities. We are grateful to the many people who have shaped our musical ideas.


1 Porto Alegre's Dream 2/The Bus Ticket/The Priest's Polka (2.45)
2 Life is for Learning/Life is for Living (3.30)
3 Blue Boats/Lough Ennell (3.52)
4 From Kerry with Love/From Louth with Love (4.48)