I have travelled this country - songs of Cathal McConnell (book)

Gerry O'Connor

County Fermanagh-born Cathal McConnell is a world-renowned musician and singer with “The Boys of the Lough", a group of which he is a founder member over 45 years ago. From his earliest day he has collected and shared songs of a diverse nature and continues to entertain and share his love of music and song, whether it be at the Carnegie Hall or amongst friends in a remote pub session in Ireland. This collection of 123 songs (Paperback) includes over 6 hours recording of unaccompanied song; some will be familiar to the listener and many recorded by Cathal for the first time. This is an important resource for the student and lover of traditional song. The accompanying DVD must be downloaded into a computer hard drive. CDs may then be burned for listening on an audio device such as a cd player. Certain DVD players will play the DVD as an audio disc.